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Fitzpatrick Sports Media Group, LLC is focused on making work easier for small businesses and athletes.

The main focus of FSMG is to assist businesses in navigating the new world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). Additionally, we support athletes who are just beginning to get involved with NIL and don't know where to begin.

FSMG also assists businesses in social media strategy.

former di athlete

Mackenzie played college softball at the University of Connecticut for three years before medically retiring in 2022. She was a first baseman and designated hitter.

At UConn, she majored in Sport Management and Psychology. She graduated with her Bachelors of Science in May of 2023.

Name, Image, and likeness

Mackenzie has immense knowledge in Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). The NCAA allowed athletes to begin monetizing their NIL in 2021, and since then Mackenzie has been involved in the space as both an athlete and worker.

As an athlete Mackenzie participated in several NIL deals, and has worked with companies such as Marriott Bonvoy, Liquid IV, Lululemon, Amazon, and more.

As a worker, Mackenzie has helped athletes navigate NIL and build their personal brands. She attends photoshoots to ensure athletes comfort, assists in running camps, and assists athletes in figuring out their goals and passions.

Name, Image, and likeness

Mackenzie worked closely with Amari DeBerry, a member of the UConn Women's Basketball team. When Amari acquired a brand deal with Gansett Wraps, Mackenzie ensured the process was done compliantly and attended the photoshoot to ensure comfort and excellent completion.

Mackenzie moderated a panel at UConn with athletes she worked with in the NIL space. This panel's purpose was to educate current student-athletes on what's possible in NIL.

Name, Image, and likeness

Many athletes want to begin monetizing their Name, Image, and Likeness, but don't know where to begin. This is where Mackenzie comes in, and gives them the confidence and direction to begin creating a personal brand.

"Mackenzie is so easy to work with. She has great energy and approaches any task with a positive attitude. She also has helped me in my NIL journey by giving me the confidence to make new connections."-Chloe Landers (UConn Women's Soccer)

College recruiting advice

Navigating the college recruiting process is hard and can be extremely stressful if no one in your family has been a college athlete before. Mackenzie knows this first hand, as she navigated the process herself. She learned many tips and tricks along the way, landing herself a scholarship at UConn.

During the pandemic Mackenzie assisted high school athletes with their recruiting processes. She set them up with Twitter accounts, made them highlight reels, and marketed them on the teams Twitter page. After this, her sister received multiple scholarship offers before choosing UMass.

"Mackenzie helped my daughter during her recruitment process during her 16u year of travel ball! What was great is when she offered her assistance to us, we didn't even realize what we weren't doing! She created short highlight videos, focusing on her strengths and used the Media to promote her. She also communicated with Head Coaches on her behalf! This eased the process and allowed her to focus on the schools that had interest with her, rather than those who didn't!"-Susan Lawson, parent of 16u softball athlete who now plays at Monmouth University.


One of Mackenzie's passions is mental health, specifically in athletics. In December of 2022 Mackenzie launched her podcast, Going Thru It. The podcast discusses a variety of topics in sports, including mental health, trending topics, and more. The podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or any podcast listening platform of your choice.

Mackenzie has been a guest on other podcasts and has also done some public speaking at high schools. Reach out to Mackenzie for specific inquiries.

College Recruiting Services

Mackenzie can provide many services in terms of college recruiting, including but not limited to: advice on navigating the process, setting the athlete up with social media accounts, recording or directing recruiting videos, editing highlight reels, and more. Reach out with more specific requests.


Remote or In-Person Services

For more specific requests, please contact Mackenzie.

Name, Image, and Likeness Consulting

Want to learn more about NIL? Need advice on how to begin monetizing? Does your business need ideas or consulting? Want to run a camp or start a podcast? Reach out with specific requests and Mackenzie will do a 30 minute Zoom call with you or your business.

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